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Cusack: Because why would anyone need that much attention?Playboy: One of your earliest movies was The Sure Thing.I’m sorry to inform people that it’s a human endeavor.After September 11, anybody who dared suggest that it might be worth trying to understand Osama bin Laden or his followers was vilified.As actors and performers they both really understand actors.

Funnily enough, the other directors who have done as well, in my view, have been actors too: Woody Allen and Clint Eastwood.His father, Dick, who died this year, was an advertising executive, an actor, a screenwriter and a documentary filmmaker.Here, in the pages of Playboy — “Hi, my name is John.Cusack: That’s true, but wouldn’t that be kind of sleazy?I’ll watch some of the movies if they come on, but I haven’t made that many good movies.

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