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But if you are reading this, you probably want to go ahead with your long-distance relationship.After all, no one actively decides “hey, seeing my significant other every day is overrated.Let me just get this out: Long distance relationships (LDRS) suck. We were in the same time zone, but 10.5 hours away by bus (more, if there was traffic). I’m not going to lie, the first couple weeks, I sat in my apartment wondering how this was going to work out. Nearly a year and a half after we began our long-distance relationship, we both said “I do” at a small ceremony in Texas and moved to a tiny apartment in Japan together.

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You need to be able to see them on a fairly regular basis. It wasn’t an issue of trust – he trusted me, he just didn’t like me going. Going to parties alone (even with a group of friends) means you are going to be hit on, you will end up dancing alone, and you will miss your significant other even more. Spending too much time with you friends (especially of the opposite sex) can easily lead to jealousy and trust issues.

The only way to make a long distance relationship work is with trust.

Absence makes the heart grow stronger (or so they say).

This gets hard when you go to a party, meet up with friends, or end up at a concert where an attractive brunette locks their hand in yours or pulls you in for a hug.

You whole body is screaming out “FINALLY” while your mind is churning out in the background “But what about your boyfriend…? Do you have the willpower to purposefully make yourself miserable and craving – all in the name of love?

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