Hamilton dating scene

Her wholesomeness, down-to-earthness and small-town charm is exactly the same kind of intoxicant to him as his fame, riches and good looks are for her.(Think .) Naturally, the whirlwind that is Tad whips up long-repressed feelings for Pete, and after reaching down deep for a jolt of courage, he confides to Rosalee that he loves her and doesn't want to lose her to Tad.

Unrealistic expectations for yourself are going to kill your self-confidence, which can lead to you not even wanting to try dating.

As the movie's title implies, one of them wins (Rosalee), and she's whisked away to the bright lights and busy boulevards of Hollywood for a paparazzi-studded date with her dreamboat.

Back home in what now seems like Bumbleville, she gushes to her friends about every detail of her once-in-a-lifetime experience, never thinking for a second that she'll ever again see Tad anywhere but on the movie screen. It seems he's as taken with her as she is with him.

When is the last time you had a random guy come up to you and compliment you without immediately turning to your friend and whispering, “Ew omg such a creep.” I've done it plenty of times!

Not every guy that talks to you in the cafeteria is a serial killer; maybe if you said “Hi” back and had a conversation, you could score yourself a date (or free dinner).

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