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Her energy's balanced and mellow, so I figure this should be an easy-ish day.We agree to begin the interview in between wardrobe changes, which gives me some time to observe her transformation in front of the camera.

In fact, she names the genre of music, style and period of social history as her earliest inspirations and introduction into fashion.I met these kids when I was in East Hampton for the summer, these local kids that were really punk and had mohawks and I was like, I became really close with them and I just got really into the whole… Through that I became obsessed with fashion and the history of the fashion, and that’s where my love for Vivienne Westwood was born. What you see on the blog, is that what you’ll read in the book or is it all new content? 'Oh, this is how her life is so this must be her.' But for every person there’s a whole other side to them.I just remember that my love for that made me feel like I had something, like I was accepted and I could relate to these people. People just put what they want people to see on their Instagrams, but to really get to know about them you have to sit down with them and actually have a conversation... I think it’s important for young girls, my younger followers, in particular, to be like, I guess in a way it's like a giant blog about my life, but people don't always want to read long personal blog posts online anymore, so it's all here in the book." "Yeah, since the Livejournal era is over." "Exactly! So I give them what they want, videos and photos and shorter content.There's texture and glitter and visual stimulation in every direction, and it's almost too much at once.A nymph-like young woman greets me and points the way to where my subject for the day is waiting.

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