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I’m like, 'Do you even know what a goth looks like? Overall, everything is always a rock ‘n’ roll-glam-inspired look though." The label "punk," however, is not something Hanna Beth rejects.

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There's that term you might have heard, "owning it," and whatever that means, Hanna Beth is doing it in today's shoot ― one of a dozen or so she'll model for this week alone. Nobody else had a back brace in school, they didn’t understand what was going on. He'd push me into lockers, and be terrible and bully me because of how I was.Incredibly petite in stature, precise and delicate in features.I think how appropriate she was all those years ago to label herself "Barbie Beth," because she is a true embodiment of a 21st century living doll.It mean, it took a while, I had to get that confidence and strength to really find myself, and once I was able to, I was able to accept myself and embrace it." "Let's touch on your boyfriend, Mod Sun's, publication company you mentioned earlier, Youniverse Publishing, where 'Covered In Glitter' was published through." At the mention of Mod Sun's name, Hanna's face lights up, and she details the rapper's best qualities as well as creative entrepreneurial projects, the independent publishing company being one among many.The couple now are in pre-production for a cut and sew clothing line calledwhich will drop in about a month. That's really the difference with my relationship now…

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