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Want a partner who understands why you come home late every night smelling like sweat and fly spray and dust and hay?Tired of hitting the trails or the show ring alone?Just as importantly, the update contributed some strong contenders for the strangest patch notes of 2018 (check out 2017's wonky list here), including such gems as: You can view the full patch notes here.My Time At Portia will launch from Early Access later this year.“Success Stories” includes three pages of great matches including international romance. Farmers Only While this site includes more than just horse folks, Farmers Only is a great place to meet people who understand the 24/7/365 lifestyle of working with animals. Despite its exclusive name, Farmers Only attracts rural-livers and small-town residents as well who hold to the site’s motto “City people just don’t get it!

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Thanks to the fabulous team here at EA Equi-Rug Wash items are now Clean, Reproofed & Repaired ready to be donated 😍 We have a mixture of 200 🔹Turnout Rugs 🔹Stable Rugs 🔹Fleeces 🔹Coolers 🔹Summer Sheets 🔹Fly Rugs In a variety of weights & sizes from 3,6 - 7,3 😱 As well as: 🔹Saddles 🔹Bridles 🔹Driving Harnesses 🔹Numerous Headcollars (in a variety of sizes) 🔹40 Bits (in a variety of sizes) 🔹Riding Boots 🔹32 Saddle Cloths (in a variety of sizes) 🔹Boots & Bandages......But hey, at least you can also ride your rent-a-horse with your romantic partner, which leads us to the livestock update's lovey-dovey additions.My Time At Portia is something of a distant cousin to Stardew Valley, and like Stardew Valley it lets you romance the locals.“When women think about their ideal first date they associate passion and exciting things with romantic success,” psychologist Lucy Redford said, “Although something very over-the-top like a flight to Paris is intimidating and too extravagant, something active like horse-riding takes your mind off the pressure of a first date, it’s fun and shows you’ve put thought into the date because it requires more effort than a few pints in the local.Horses are also associated with wealth, which in itself is attractive, and require a lot of attention and care – and most women look for an attentive, caring man.” Here are the results: Horse Riding – 37% Cinema – 21% ???????????????????????????????? " width="300" height="185" srcset=" w=300&h=185 300w, w=150&h=92 150w," sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" / Sailing – 16% Candle lit dinner – 13% Pub Drinks – 9% Hot Air Balloon Trip – 2.5% Football Mach – 2.5% Museum Visit – 2% Couples Massage – 1.5% Trip Abroad – 1% Stand-Up Comedy – 1% Shopping – 0.5% What would be your idea first date?

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