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The update also added the option to ride horses, though for now you have to rent a horse from Mac Donald Farm.

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Can anyone recommend some Yorkshire based Equine Charities...?The “usual” dating website search criteria are included (body type, ethnicity, location, education, etc.) but also included is an option to search for riding partners (we assume this means trail buddies or hack partners…) In browsing profiles, most users are genuine horse people ranging from riders and enthusiasts to actual industry professionals.Yard and Groom is most commonly used as a job search tool and has a great track record for matching employers with job seekers, so the Stablemates page, while a recent addition to the site, is likely to grow and develop into an equally successful matchmaker.Thanks to the livestock update, you can now romance them by stargazing and chatting in the meadow, and once you've wooed your sweetheart—perhaps one of Portia's newly added new partners, like the buff furniture maker Paulie—you can now hug or kiss them anytime you want.Other, less romantic additions include a new desert dungeon and a museum where you can sell and showcase relics.

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