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As we got on the way, the bumps and swerves made her grind her butt into my lap. Then when my dad had to jam brake because of a lady driver, she almost fell off me.

When she sat back on my lap, she made sure to back up all the way onto me.

I also realized my KKJ was directly under the entrance of her cheesepie. Anyway, as the journey continued, her butt crack was somehow massaging my KKJ thru my shorts because of her movements in the car. Bloody hell, there was another bump and this time, my was lifted up by the force and unintentionally sat back down on my very erect KKJ.

I was praying very hard that she did not realize I was having a full blown erection because of her. Then at a road hump, as if she read my mind, she lifted herself a little and allowed my erect KKJ to spring back towards my abdomen. When I looked down, my KKJ has made a wet spot on my shorts. This time, my shorts were pulled down from the waist as her weight crashed down on my KKJ.

Mom allows Dad to chose to have her leave or to submit to Mom's passions and allow her to seek pleasure as she truly desires.

Dad chooses wisely and Mom rewards him with Rose, not exactly what he had hoped for...

With those words she moved down and my dick hid behind her skirts.Some of the more bizarre questions sent to agony aunts have been shared on the web, including a man whose wife insisted on painting his penis with nail polish to check if he was being faithful to another who was worried his wife could be pregnant after strip poker. 'You are a strange, troubled woman, and though I'd normally suggest a strait-jacket for the deeply disturbed, in your case I'd worry about you developing an inappropriate relationship with the buttons used to keep you constrained.While a lot of the more amusing submissions come from men, one bizarre letter to Ireland's Metro Herald came from a woman who could't break up with her boyfriend because of her obsession with his third nipple.'When he takes his T-shirt off his torso resembles a very kind-looking face. She falls in love with a controlling man once again.Cause the other man was boring in bed and decided that her ... I usually pass my time sitting with my neighbors chatting with them, sitting in front of computer surfing and searching sexy pics, stories etc.

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