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A ‘sharp’ model that turned into a best-seller (of sorts) with 1227 sold between 19.Likewise, the four-door Estoque concept of 2008 was named after the , a sword traditionally used by matadors.The Lamborghini Murcielago was similarly fearsome – nearly as wide as a bus, just as difficult to reverse and terrifyingly fast.A proper old-school supercar for the new millennium.It was named after one particularly infamous fighting bull.After surviving 28 sword strokes, the Navarro fighting bull Murciélago (the Spanish word for ‘bat’) was spared by the matador and later presented as a gift to Don Eduardo Miura’s brother.The Jarama, the Islero’s chubby successor, provoked a mixed reaction at launch, partly because the need to meet US safety and emissions regulations had made it a heavier car than ideal.

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Here’s a potted history of Lambo’s beefy naming convention.

The (hardly shocking) announcement that Lamborghini is to launch a new SUV model line in 2018 got us wondering – what will it be called?

While the Lambo SUV was previewed by a striking concept car called the Urus, there’s been no confirmation as yet whether the production version will retain that name.

The V10-powerd Gallardo is the best-selling Lambo ever by some margin (and will remain so for some time until the Huracan catches up – if it ever does).

CAR’s favourite was the limited edition, rear-wheel drive Balboni.

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