Itunes stopped updating

It was understandable in July when they first released the podcasting feature and were no doubt in a rush to get the product out the door, but certainly this should have been fixed in i Tunes 6 last week. My SLIMP3 player hits upon the i Tunes library to pull up the music (and posdcast) listings and play them on my stereo.

It's such an obvious omission that I suspect maybe Apple has conciously added this "feature" to promote the sale of i Pods over competing hardware. Regarding the possibility of a "Terminal command" to fix the problem, I just looked inside ~/Library/Preferences/ Tunes.plist, for a hidden preference, but nothing jumped out at me. There must be some flag in i Tunes that gets tripped once a podcast is played in i Tunes.

With the recent update to 11.4 I noticed that my podcasts were not refreshing, either on a schedule or on-demand.

I tried restarting i Tunes, unplugging the i Pod, restarting the computer – nothing. Look at this setting: (Windows version: Edit | Preferences | Store) Uncheck the highlighted setting.

If these flags don't get tripped in a number of episodes, you get the message - quite annoying. It doesn't matter whether i Tunes doesn't play them because I move them out of the Podcasts folder and play them elsewhere, or because you leave them there and play them using a different player software.

Either way, as you suggest, some flag in i Tunes doesn't get tripped because, in both cases, we are not using i Tunes to play our podcasts.

But that would be disgusting because Apple should fix this by giving us a preference adjustment.

I would assume that i Tunes uses playcount or something like it to determine if you are 'listening' to your podcasts. i Tunes already gives you the option to limit how many you keep.

No, I don't know how to make i Tunes ignore the lack of pdocast playback, but you can avoid future trips to the attic by using Chicken of the VNC.

I downloaded the latest version yesterday and it worked all evening, this morning, having done nothing different, it stopped working.

I've tried to resolve it, but need some help to resolve the problem.

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I have been having problems with i Tunes for some time.

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