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The Kills were already one of the country’s most explosive live acts by the time they released their 2003 debut , which demonstrated just how powerful her voice, his guitar and a drum machine could be.There’s a chaotic intensity to their pairing which might have been diluted by other band members.She is the only journalist to have ever performed in full makeup with Kiss. ” Jamie Hince exclaims to a waiter, his voice filled with joy. In the 14 years they’ve played together as a garage rock duo, Hince, 47, and Mosshart, 37, have garnered a reputation for both incendiary live shows and being the last standing at the end of any given night.Strangely, they’re both arguably now more famous for their extracurricular activities: Mosshart for fronting Jack White side-project The Dead Weather; and Hince for marrying, and now separating from, Kate Moss.Not that all the tabloid attention has helped the band much.“It was like finding that soulmate who really wanted the same things,” says Mosshart on meeting Hince.

The pair soon discovered they had a shared love of esoteric literature and the Velvet Underground and a lot more in common than their disparate backgrounds might have suggested.Hince is frank about the frustration he felt watching Mosshart working elsewhere.“It was kind of inevitable, because I’m quite slow with my creativity and Alison is very quick,” he says. I’d broken my elbow, so I felt useless and her doing Dead Weather and touring for a year…Prints are generally made to order by the photographer and delivery usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. VIEW SAMPLE All photographs are taken from the original negative or color slide and are hand-signed and titled by the living photographer.Limited edition photographs are hand-signed and numbered by the photographer or stamped by the photographer's estate. If picked up in or shipped to New York, sales tax will be charged at 8.875%.

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