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He is a monk, a writer, and an activist on behalf of the youth Jain community whose presence at many Jain conventions past has been critical.Speaking on the essence of Jain dharma at the opening ceremonies, he reflected, “Unity is a power nobody can destroy, and because of that nobody will want to impede the growth of unity in our Jain community today.” Introducing the theme of the convention, “Making Our Life Our Message”, Chitrabhanuji’s final words to his audience were: “I bow to all of you who are carrying the message ‘not in words but in practice.’” This year’s convention theme was an adaptation of spiritual and social leader Mahatma Gandhi’s immortal words: Making Our Life Our Message.

The high school and college groups participated in the same sessions, but at different times, facilitating interaction among youth of the same ages.These youth organizers successfully reached out to numerous resources for support during the process of planning YJA 2006.The Souvenir Book of the convention included a welcoming letter from M.In the mid to late twentieth century, Jain immigrants to the United States were set with a task.Not only did they carry the responsibility of establishing themselves professionally in North American society, but they also bore the weight of being the de facto founders of an effectively “new” religion, a Jainism for the West.

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