Japanese compensated dating

Safer and cheaper, it also allows men to contact a greater number and wider range of girls.

All he has to do is put an ad (“40,000 yen for dinner and sex”) on the message board with his contact details, and he can choose the most alluring response that rolls in.

These sugar daddies are usually middle-aged, married men with children of their own.

Why do they pay so much, and take such great risks, to have sex with young girls?

Many describe this craving as “tamaranai”, an “uncontrollable attraction”, which hardly seems to excuse the fact that they’re exploiting girls their daughter’s age.

Although many encounters don’t involve sex, this prostitution of Japan’s youth has been cause for serious concern.

It’s easy to understand why middle-aged men want to have sex with young girls. Japan has always been a country where external appearances are important.

Traditionally, social prestige has been held in material symbols (samurai’s swords and hairstyles, exclusive aristocratic colours), and nothing has changed.

Within the confines of the land of the rising son dwells a unique creature.

While resembling the California style bleach blond bimbo on the surface, these imps are in reality much different. ) is a Japanese transliteration of the English word gal.

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