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They escaped with ,000 but were nabbed hours later at a gas station.

Bride Olivia, meanwhile, had her brush with the law in 2010, when Jupiter cops stopped her for speeding in a Mercedes.

There are a ton of great nuggets in the interview that would make for great blog posts.

For instance, Namath was a great baseball player and said he wanted to turn pro and “take the money and run,” but his family wanted him to go to college instead.

I’m told Super Bowl III hero Namath, who lives in Tequesta, ponied up a pretty penny for the ceremony and reception — even if there were only 12 or so guests at the exchange of vows.

Broadway Joe gave the bride away to Baker, who was last arrested, for skipping a court date, in 2013. Baker is also Olivia’s baby daddy: She welcomed a baby girl fathered by Baker, according to the birth certificate, in 2007. The lovebirds were married by Sarasota preacher David Cole, who deemed the shindig a “lovely ceremony.” “Joe Namath proudly gave away his daughter,” Cole told He was arrested at least seven times here since 2006 on charges that went from possession of marijuana and cocaine to driving with a suspended license and reckless operation of a boat.

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In the trunk, the lawmen found enough pot to charge her with possession with intent to sell.

Because the arrest was her first, Olivia was placed in a pre-trial intervention program and the state didn’t pursue charges.

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