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For instance, I would think the most common directory would be a web directory.

Well anyone in this decade, I would think would have some knowledge of how important "no-follow" links are, same with reciprocal links and how sites now days have multiple social media connections to share (there is more than FB, Twitter and Google).

Advertising, commercial questions and sharing of software of any kind is not allowed.

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What caught my eye with this was the business directory links, because my current software can not handle two types of directories (link directory and brick and mortar), but again it does not even seem to have a separate field for when the stores are open or a script to remind the business owners to update/pay for the listing, along with many of the other items already mentioned.

The site owners now a days likes to login (with jomsocial profile) and control his own links, have automated link submission, choose to add banners or pay for advertisements, automated check link system, have his link added to his Jomsocial profile, etc.

It;s nice for the site owner to Tweet out automatically new listings, to post in jomsocial feeds and offer reward points for people who review or like websites in the directory.

Let’s take a look at the major reasons to avoid folders in document libraries.

If you’ve ever tried to traverse someone else’s folder structure looking for a document you know what a terrible experience it is.

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