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The site owners now a days likes to login (with jomsocial profile) and control his own links, have automated link submission, choose to add banners or pay for advertisements, automated check link system, have his link added to his Jomsocial profile, etc.It;s nice for the site owner to Tweet out automatically new listings, to post in jomsocial feeds and offer reward points for people who review or like websites in the directory.Note: Since this is the very common question, please read it :) Thanks to flexible custom fields you may sell whatever you want with this classifieds Joomla template and create your search and product details criteria.Examples shown on the demo site are samples only, you may create your product details - the specification that may be different for each category.lightweight and very fast-loading design, get more visitors to your site thanks to SEO optimized code, high gtmetrix speed score - enter the demo url to check results, high page speed results, this template is mobile-friendly, passes w3c validator Most of extensions are provided by and you will get 100% voucher to download them for free!I have a great directory at the moment that does all of that.What caught my eye with this was the business directory links, because my current software can not handle two types of directories (link directory and brick and mortar), but again it does not even seem to have a separate field for when the stores are open or a script to remind the business owners to update/pay for the listing, along with many of the other items already mentioned.

The solution to the problem is found in proper and complete training.

Using a single Documents library that comes out of a new Share Point site does little to explain the information contained therein.

Users then look at this single document folder as the root to an endless array of folders.

This isn’t entirely the fault of the end users mind you.

Often they are simply thrown Share Point without a thorough understanding of how to leverage it effectively.

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