K9 cam show

The gas tank has a light scuff mark at the front top part of the tank measuring roughly 3/4".There are some light surface scratches throughout the bike from dusting off the bike with a dust cloth. The polished billet on the pegs & wheels are in good shape, but could use a little bit of polishing to look near perfect.It has a 117 cubic inch motor, 6 speed transmission. If any questions you can reach me by text or call at 423-579-3436.

It comes with the following additions: Rear Passenger Pegs, Big Dog Electrical Retro Fit Kit (eliminates the problematic stock Electronic Harness Controller), Dakota Digital Speedometer, etc...

I didn't feel it was necessary to replace, but this could be done for around 0. There is a blemish/cracking paint on the right side of the front fender as shown in the video & is approximately 1/4" in diameter.

This could easily be repaired at a body shop for roughly 0.

The chopper is located in Kaysville, Utah which is 25 miles North of Salt Lake City, Utah. I encounter this on almost every Big Dog Motorcycle that I acquire because the bikes sit low to the ground.

The Headlight Rim on the left side has a blemish in the chrome & is slightly bent.

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