Kangana ranaut dating

After every breakup I feel like this is the end of my love life potential.

At every point you feel that you will be let down and you will never love again. "Even after this thing (the Hrithik affair) fell apart, another man came into my life and I felt I couldn't handle it anymore.

Suman said: “Haal-E-Dil was releasing and Kangana had come for the premiere.

I remember Aditya Pancholi was standing at the exit and Kangana was just walking out.

Even then I have to admit that every time I have been dumped, I never got the privilege of dumping someone.

There has not been a single relationship from the age of 16 to 31 where I could dump someone." She further added, "And if I tell you the names, you would be like ‘even this person left you'!

Every morning I wake up with a mission to do something or the other, even if I'm not working. Changing costumes in the oddest of places: That happens all the time.He was right as that was exactly her behaviour pattern with me.Aditya told my father that if he wanted he would speak to me but he should get me out of Kangana’s clutches as she would ruin me and by the time I realised it would be too late for me,” adds the Himmatwala actor.Right now, speaking about it would be unfair on the other person. But being in a healthy relationship can be very empowering,” she added.As it is, relationships are difficult, aren’t they? Well, Kangana, even if you don’t want to take names, we know who he is. The actress also feels that relationships can be traumatic but being in a relationship can be empowering.

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