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If you have ever researched the history of the hinterlands of America, you will discover how limited is the material available.

Livingston County is fortunate to have two histories which at least have some early history.

The Chippewas, Sacs, Fox and Pottawatomies used the trail.

They camped for brief times near the watercourses; when the game became scarce they moved on.

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The family histories in this new book as well as in the old histories were written by each family who were responsible for their accuracy.It is a microcosm of the way life is lived, written in the words of the people who have lived it, today or in the past one hundred and fifty years in Livingston County, state of Missouri, United States of America, planet earth.We hope the book will reflect the progress, the joys and the sorrows of these citizens of Livingston County as they go about their everyday tasks of making a living, relating to their families, spending their leisure time in organizations and in worshiping in their churches.Finally, this book would never have been possible without the unique talents and seemingly easy going nature of Ruth Seiberling as she has hovered over the project.-- Lillian Des Marias On January 6, 1837, Livingston County came into existence when Governor Daniel Dunklin signed a piece of legislation enacted by the Missouri Assembly. Edward Livingston, the eleventh Secretary of State of the United States under President Andrew Jackson.

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