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If you have ever researched the history of the hinterlands of America, you will discover how limited is the material available.

Livingston County is fortunate to have two histories which at least have some early history.

-- Ruth Seiberling This book is the result of many hours of work from many volunteers.

The idea originated in the Retired Senior Volunteer Program with its director, Ruth Seiberling.

Ideal original sources were history minded old-timers, but these people are in short supply.

The local history collection of the Livingston County Memorial Library was used extensively, and the cooperation of the staff was beyond the call of duty.

inhabitants - coyotes, beavers, squirrels, panthers, deer and rabbits.

The Grand River flowed from the northwest to southeast, shagbark hickory, cottonwood, and white oak growing on its banks.

An example of their burial mounds can be found near the bank of the Grand River just upstream from Bedford.

LIVINGSTON COUNTY HISTORY CELEBRATING 150 YEARS 1821 - 1981 Published by The Retired Senior Volunteer Program Director: Ruth Seiberling Editor: Lillian Des Marias Assistant Editor: Mildred Sue Jones Chillicothe, Missouri 1981Preface Introduction Early history of Livingston County Livingston County 1890 - 1900 Chillicothe Business in Late 1800’s and Early 1900’s Livingston County 1900 - 1930 Livingston County 1930’s Livingston County 1940’s Livingston County 1950’s Livingston County 1960 - 1980 Negro History in Livingston County Small Towns: Avalon - Wheeling Livingston County Courts Chillicothe City Government Schools in Livingston County State Training School for Girls Livingston County Memorial Library Soil and Water Conservation District University of Missouri Extension and 4-H Clubs Senior Citizen Programs Sports Cemeteries Churches Organizations Businesses Family Histories Old Time Tales The poet Carl Sandburg wrote a long poem about Chillicothe.

A few lines of it go:“There was a man walked out Of a house in Chillicothe, Ohio, Or the house was in Chillicothe, Illinois, Or again in Chillicothe, Missouri, ............ I have never seen myself live a day.’” This is a book about such a man, his wife, and his children who live in Chillicothe, Missouri or in Livingston County.

Finally, this book would never have been possible without the unique talents and seemingly easy going nature of Ruth Seiberling as she has hovered over the project.

-- Lillian Des Marias On January 6, 1837, Livingston County came into existence when Governor Daniel Dunklin signed a piece of legislation enacted by the Missouri Assembly. Edward Livingston, the eleventh Secretary of State of the United States under President Andrew Jackson.

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