Kevin garnett dating

There were claims that Kevin even bought her season tickets for 2011.However, the rumors were never confirmed and have remained just rumors.It was a far cry from the beloved Jiggly boy of the 2003-04 season, when Sweeney was known to strip off his jersey and rip off his tank top and get down, with 'WOLVES' scribbled on his stomach and 'KG' for Garnett written on his arm.Kevin Garnett’s wife Brandi Garnett somehow manages to see a different KG than the rest of us.The wedding was actually the impetus to him missing the 2004 Athens Olympics.Brandi is the sister-in-law to famed Def Jam music producer Jimmy Jam Harris, as her sister Lisa Padilla is married to him.(Source: Nick Laham/Getty Images North America) more pics Brandi Garnett is the wife of NBA great Kevin Garnett.

Designed by Boston’s Machado and Silvetti Associates, the mansion featured floor-to-ceiling windows, five bedrooms, five full bathrooms, a media room a wine cellar, and a gym.The news began swirling in 2011 during Kevin’s time with the Boston Celtics.Sources claimed that Kevin had an affair with the white lady named Krissy Freiberg for four years and that Freiberg had to move from Minnesota to Celtics when Kevin was transferred to Boston.The man is legit terrifying on the court but apparently though, by the looks of what he’s been able to do off the court, he’s a different man there.Kevin Garnett is married to Brandi Garnett (formerly Brandi Padilla), where they were betrothed in a private ceremony in California in 2004.

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