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Alexei Navalny has spent years publishing revelations of the ill-gotten luxuries of Russia's elite and seeing them ignored by authorities.But when the blogger and opposition politician's anti-corruption fund unveiled an investigation linking colleagues of Russian Prosecutor General Yury Chaika to the bloodiest bandits of recent years, Navalny thought they would be forced to act. 1, the investigation linked Chaika's deputy, Gennady Lopatin, and another prosecutor, Alexei Staroverov, to the leaders of the Tsapok gang, who terrorized the town of Kushchevskaya in southern Russia through systematic rape and theft for more than a decade before their slaughtering of 12 people, including four children, forced authorities to intervene in 2010.If the child is under the age of consent, then you can be charged with a. such person's photograph, or both, and giving such person's date of birth. Yea I know it's messed up for those two ages to even go there but is it legal ? 7 04 2007 - I live in GA and I know the age of consent is 16...I am a person above the age of 18, dating someone that is 16 years old (turns 17 in a couple of months) and I am located in Georgia . 7 08 2016 - There can be no conviction for statutory rape in Georgia based only on the unsupported testimony of the victim. Which would imply that sex with anyone 16 or older is legal , but it wouldn't be a bad idea to.

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who was on the date that the misdemeanor was committed between the ages of 16. Minors under the age of 16 cannot legally consent under Georgia law .

It also linked Chaika's son, Artyom, to the expropriation of a shipping company in the Far East whose director was allegedly strangled, and documented the apparent rigging of auctions for lucrative state contracts by Artyom's brother, Igor.

The investigation showed how both Chaika's sons, who have amassed businesses and real estate worth millions of dollars, enjoyed the protection of prosecutors. Three million people watched a Russian-language film version of the investigation on You Tube in less than a week.

7 02 - If you age is of 20-26 is it legal to date someone at the age of 16. The Georgia House has passed a bill that would establish an age . I am curious to what the laws in Georgia say about the stipulations on an 18 yr old dating a 15 .

A person in his or her twenties should really look for someone over 18 to date . age of consent in georgia is 16 I'm 20 her mom said it was ok for . Underage Drinking: Minimum Ages for On-Premises Servers and Bartenders . Legal self-help publisher Nolo has a page with information on.

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