Legend of zelda dating sim

In respect to the Zelda franchise, unused content ranges from enemy prototypes to early landscape blueprints, from entire projects to the original design of certain items. I assume you will want to try it on right away, yes?

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It includes, but is not limited to, content from beta releases, a specific prototypical stage of development. Please take this warm doublet as a reward for your tenacity. Do take care to put it on before you get too cold, though.

For example, in Ocarina of Time, the Forest Temple and Medallion were supposed to be the Wind Temple and Medallion. Please take this Quilted Shirt as a reward for your tenacity.

Although the forest design for the temple was chosen, the Medallion and insignias placed in Ganon's Tower and around the Forest Temple are still reminiscent of the windmill-like symbol relative to the pre-release Wind Temple.

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