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David Cameron pledges UK support to clear landmines in Libya British aid will help protect around a million people in Libya from the threat of deadly landmines the Prime Minister said today as he announced new support for vital mines clearance and safety work during a visit to Libya.The new UK aid will help Libyans to return safely to the homes and businesses they have fled.

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We stand ready to provide further support, which would be delivered in response to Libyan owned and led solutions and in coordination with the UN.It will go through the Mines Advisory Group - known as MAG.It will contribute to: Getting mobile teams to the west of Libya and the northern coastal region to mark areas where there are landmines Working with the UN’s Joint Mines Action Co-ordination Team to ensure that hazardous areas are quickly cleared Providing emergency mines risk education to communities to ensure people returning to conflict areas – including children – are aware of the risks New British support to meet urgent humanitarian needs in Libya Britain will provide urgent humanitarian support including medical help, food and other basic supplies for thousands of people affected by the conflict in Libya, International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell announced today.New support announced today includes funding for further mine clearance work through the United Nations, which will nearly double the one million people Britain has so far helped to protect from unexploded ordnance.Further ongoing help will focus on supporting the Transitional Government as Libya’s people adapt to political and economic change and lay the foundations of a functioning democracy.

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