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The closure, which has cost the company more than £39m, means that Talbot car production is how concentrated at its Coventry factories.

Mr George Turnbull, the for- mer British Leyland managing' director and-now Talbot's chair- man end managing director, said yesterday, that the £10m investment represented a.

basically everything, from daily routines to random, casual habits.

There is nothing wrong with experimenting, everybody should do that as much as they can in the limits of their imagination or principles, but here’s an odd one for you. But knowing the moves […]The famous Playboy magazine has recently announced that it will stop publishing images of naked women as part of its new concept because pornography just doesn’t sell anymore.

strong commitment by Peugeot in its United Kingdom subsidiary. this indicates their positive attitude to management and employees in the ' United the United Kingdom.

** I want to make it very clear that this additional investment was gained on meric and hoc for any sentimental face-saving • reasons.” The Horizon is to be built at Ryton initially with kits im- ported from Peugeot's Poissy S lam: in France.

hold presidential elections on mg officials in a bomb attack July 24. There was still some doubt “ Are rhey human beings or ®s t0 bow yesterday’s explosion not ? u r r F“' According to the [ Chairman Hua is demoted in reshuffle From David Bona via Peking, June 29 Mr Hua Guofeng, Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party and nominated successor of Mao Tse-tung,. the death of but he would not reveal it, nor confirm that it was the work of Ayatollah Muhammad Beheshti, J* 1 ® , clandestine Mujahedin IRP leader and head of the Kbalq guerrillas, who support Supreme Court, that shook the lbe dismissed President Banj- people of Tehran mast. “They Dom o went off in a dustbin signed to obsdurity. 80 ISO -1 «• - 4.4b 35 65 163 78 Do SSr Cnv £100 6.4 X1W5 104 .74 Mnnt^funi 94 . Instead, we carefully select only the models who have that rare combination of style, personality and panache to turn an ordinary evening into one of the most memorable and extraordinary moments of your life.Feel the magic, be part of the action and enjoy the show!the next to one of the waifs of the #**;*.« V , " w uric or me wans ot me “fj! J IS ^^ e P r Ub Il C ^ , Mr Naba « ad ded that evi- mini? Arc i- d ,f four ^ a - binet dence of those responsible for ™? 7 en€d without announcement chanting : “ The hero Beheshti Another radio - commentary ,a ** Saturday and ended Not this y is with. se » shown only ■ Black banners- dotted the city people to report all suspicious Dr Vr ly, H . centre and loudspeakers broad- movements and objects, many. Romans in economic strategy Britain’ From Michael 'Hornsbv and Peter Wanmm • By Frances Gibb Luxembourg, June 29 Sir Peter Hall, director of Mrs ‘ Margaret Thatcher’s President referred to this ^end S^fn co ST^-es^day hai^ne economic strategy was several times during bis half- the controversial play. High United States interest rates and the strong dollar have made gold a poor alternative to dollar investments . Gold investors have also beea- uhnerved by plunging - Silver- prices, which fell to a' two-year* low in London -of -858.60 cents an ounce on news that United States House of Repre- sentatives had passed . Gas boiler makers accused of collusion By Derek Harris ■ Commercial Editor . Six leading manufacturers of domestic-' central heating gas boilers were: accused yesterday by Mr Gordon Borne, Director General . Practices Court* to secure a ruling on whether there has been . - " ' The OFT chief maintains that at a meeting held- on May 20 last year tbe companies agreed they would each increase tbe list prices for their boilers. Although the companies agree the meeting took place and that prices were discussed they are contesting . 12Vr 1993 884 684 744 Treas 10** 1992 79% 300*2 84% Etch 334*4 1992 894 **4 1X357 14.751 j 5 " 33 At Un S Bros • 44 13202 14.531 L 9 9 Andloironlc -*4 14331 14^73 1 8 14 Do Prof * l*a Do Prof -1 .. 1_« 25 39.6 128 - 23*x Fbat C*s Ua • 4-1 '75' 6,1 85 307 318 Flaoni -2 144 00 7.0 87 .66 Fitch Lev alt XSb 7.7 11 IN 51 . God today.” promised thap blood would be -today- Mr Deo g. The cfaal Uuged today Tw President h .°“ r sp«chrbut it was rejec- Romans in Britain , ^renowned Mitterrand at the summit ted by Mrs Th archer. r or : ts ■ exolidt simulated meeting of EEC leaders in M Mitterrand also had harsh' attempted Immosexual' rape Luxembourg. grow- words for the Japanese and the scene p ing support for the French Americans. As security officials urged to those who are maklnga WSior ! METHODIST HOMES FOR THE AG3ED A Mothoffist Foundation which cares for LWO-resiitents - not ju RMetftodsts, in 35 Homes toro Shour&r^^ Geoaral Secreray: E/fen L Ca On MA, BSc. budget legislation authorizing Govern- ment sides of.-- 105 -mjilzon ounces of silver over the next two years. In various degrees that there' was collusion on raising prices.

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