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While the history of Kaling and Novak’s together-ness has since been rehashed, whats next for you, dear reader, is to get familiar with the lingo, the jokes, and the context. .5 million Amount of money Novak and Kaling will reportedly be paid to write their co-authored book.

10 minutes The distance, measured in time, between Kaling and Novak’s homes in which they grew up.

When they did break up for good, they managed to remain good friends; Novak was a producer for season one of Kaling's comedy The Mindy Project, and the two are regularly lighting up each other's social media with adorable posts of their friendship (or whatever it is they're doing). He is not my boyfriend, but he is not my best friend," she said.

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, and still, after all these years, they remained a-couple-of-the-past, frequent-co-workers, sometimes-antagonists, and ultimately very-best-friends.Kaling was raised right here in Cambridge, and Novak in Newton. Book Con 2015 Novak led a conversation with Kaling at Book Con about her second book coming out in September 2015 called magazine’s April 2015 issue In which Kaling appeared on the cover of yours truly. Novak left a comment: “Wtf.” Kaling replied to his comment with a sad-face emoji.Kaling explained at Book Con 2015 that even though they grew up “10 minutes away” from each other, they actually met in Los Angeles via . Bjkaling.A popular Tumblr blog dedicated to the life and times of Mindy Kaling and B. Novak later shared a photo on Instagram in which he is grocery shopping with his Mom, and has ‘s April issue in his shopping cart.(I assume he loses to Ricky Gervais because that's the only outcome that would make sense in this scenario I just cooked up.)Kaling and Novak's relationship comes from the fact that they're both Boston-bred and Ivy League-educated, and their love of both comedy and writing made them an incredible match, though also one that would be volatile since they are "too alike."If Mindy was looking for a way to turn her Oscars appearance into a full-fledged fangasm, this was the way to do it, and not just because she and Novak are BFFs and fans hope that one day they get it together and just marry already, but because of the baby she had last year. fan fiction fans partly certain that it was Novak, and that it wasn't the outcome of a lapse back into a relationship, but that Kaling decided to have a child because it was time, and Novak provided the necessities to make it happen.When Kaling first announced her pregnancy (or, well, when Oprah announced it for her) she was absolutely tight-lipped over who the father was. However, Kaling has not said who the father of her baby is — and it's none of our business, so everyone relax! Kaling stars alongside Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey in the upcoming movie.

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