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Please create dreams that touches people's hearts and souls in a blessing way. Praising the loving heart and noble person, the amazing actor, model, dancer, and singer! honestly, i've never heard his name until about 3 months ago. Very impressed by the performance of Park Go Bum in Reply 1988! Solid story line that was written smoothly and wrapped up nicely and beautifully. Lovely omg he's an amazing actor he is sooooo handsome and his acting in i remember you literally broke my hard he is one of the best actors i do really like and i'm waiting to see him as a lead actor. I know him from Irene, because he doing MC with her, and both of them are cute MC Couple ever :'v I never miss every Friday just to see how adorable they are :3 Since that, I love him too, sometime he should be a main role in drama hope with Irene, because they are so cute to be partner :3 He is definitely one of the actors who have a lot of potential to be a top actor in the near future. We are very interested in drama which you are acting since before. Yoko hi park bo gum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u so much ............i'm waching hello monster every day becuse of you i'm waching music bank becuse of you park bo gum ,.... He was peeeerfect as Seo's bro, enjoyed his versatile acting (specially when he was like a girl in love all obsessed over little moments with his man crush (Seo) haha! Totally in love with the character in hello monster and park Bo gum :') ahhh please do heaps of new dramas and become a mega star! Actor who is versatile and has great eyes expression.

These kind of dreams have the power to change the world and make it a better place. he's an actor of my favorite, because he wasn't from an idol group (or was he? Naturally gifted but also good at conveying emotions with eyes, mouth, body language..subtle and on point. absolutely can't forget his amazing voice He look like Lee Hyunwoo a little and sometime a bit like Lee Jongsuk. Hope we can see you as long as timely in any madia In Japan, too. oppa come to vist us for sri lanka bad . He nailed Serial Killer Min so good in HELLO MONSTER that I dont wanna see him playing good roles, be bad!! (fun fact BO GUM IS HELLA CHRISTIAN) he sure acted like a girl obsessed over (Seo)'s character, without making it look gay hahaha! BEST BROMANCE in kdrama ever, He was the sweetest when saying his Hyung was his everything!!!!!!!!! If you haven't watched this drama, go do so now.'' He's always making me suprised with his action. It's not just because he played to be an actor in I remember you, I think and I say, I like him very much wherever he's act :") I'm proud of with his skill :) But long by long I always try for know .. You're the most, amaze, awesome actors of my world. Hopefully reply 1988 will be good dont worry guys... MY SHIP in hello monster/I remember you with Seo in guk, Psycho brother M I N all the way!! It will be great if you acting in biggest mega drama such as Doctor Stranger, Doctor Crush or Hospital Ship. I also imagine ..if you acting in 'Live Up To Your Name'? I recommend you to potraying King Jeongjo who mourning on his father death anda want to clean up his father's name. And i recommend you to pair with Lee Sung Kyung because both of you is awesome. I wish i can see you in person and taking a picture with you. I am a man, but still I appreciated ur acting style it us versatile. Have a good health I'll be there always following u. The kind which makes you wanna see more of him, I pray that he gets more projects in the future. For me.can also potray as wise scholar in Joseon era. Please help my Bo Gum to choose the romantic plus mystery drama. You changed my beliefs about Korean actors hmm you help me to open my eyes how beautiful your country is. You made me realized many things that's why im so thankful that I've watched one of your drama series. im so kinikilig hahahaha loveyou baby :* Annyeong Haseyo Park Bo-Gum. I love the way you smile you're so cute ohmygosh!!! He is still young but his acting is totally flawless.May you continue to be a good inspiration to the young people of today and even to us, teachers, so that we too, may continue to educate our kids justly and according to the social standards and truth. Please stay humble and continue smiling because it makes you cute. Saranghae Hi park bo gum I appreciate you as a genuine person. Hoping you visit philippines and specifically Samar. I cant wait for your another movie or kdrama series.. But most of all, he's a great example to everybody and to the youth. Now I'm grieving, how on earth did I missed you out? I never liked someone from korean actor but when I saw you you captured my heart heavily. We may be in different race, religion, and belief, but ming you, you really moved me in many things.. continue the great job you have started, our "Crown Prince" Hello, Mr. I congratulate you for doing well in "Love in the Moonlight". You are every girl's dream and I swear I'll be killing the girl who's going to hurt you. We were in one location but didn't have a chance to meet! T Hope we got a second chance, in the right time, in the right place, where we would meet eventually.

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    But when she came around, she informed doctors that she’d been the victim of a ‘date-rape’ drug.