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Perhaps Margot already has a gut feeling that he would not take it lightly if if she says ‘No’. Or would he try to convince her, teasingly first, then getting angry? It’s reflexive and self-protective, and it’s also exhausting, and if you do it long enough you stop consciously noticing all the individual moments when you’re making that choice.The fear that a lot of women face is also fed from the horror stories of abuse against women that are circulating - with even much more prevalence now with the #Me Too movement, where women share their experiences from sexual abuse to unwanted, persistent advances that often lead to violent and threatening reactions (verbal and physical) from men.Perhaps the story sounds quite obvious, bland or even familiar?But what makes this story compelling is the simplicity of the story line, ‘girl meets boy’, or, as it actually is in this case, ‘girl meets older man’ and the multiple layers of subtext and intricacies beneath it.With electronic communication, one is at complete control of what is being revealed.You can choose and edit the most glamorous picture of yourself (which for an app like Tinder is the most crucial factor), and you can choose your words wisely before you send them off (how many of us have agonised for hours over how to reply to a text or email to a person we liked?There are many questions that come up to mind: How much can you get to know a person through electronic communication only? The author, Kristen Roupenian said that she was inspired to write ‘Cat Person’ after a nasty online encounter.She writes about dating in general: Our initial impression of a person is pretty much entirely a mirage of guesswork and projection.

She starts puzzling together an image of him based on the texts and the few other indicators of him, such as his tattoo, a ‘too long beard’ and clothing style that give him a ‘lumberjack aura’.It continued to occupy my mind throughout the following days - which is why I decided to write about it here and touch upon some of the themes that occur in the story.Here is what happens in a nutshell: Young girl, 20, flirts with a customer in the cinema, she gives him her number and they start developing an intense exchange of texts over a period of time.The story shows how complex human interaction and relationships are.(Online) Dating In the story, Margot starts talking to Robert because she is bored and he seems just about cute enough to flirt with.They start conversing via text messages and mostly joke around, trying to outwit and impress each other.

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