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As they are for the first time in his territory, behind closed doors, she realises that her life is completely at his mercy.

He could be a rapist or murderer, for she knows nothing about him.

I came across the story on my Facebook feed, shared by a friend who I know has a sophisticated taste and critical mind.

I read it in the morning, still in my pyjamas in bed on my i Phone.

Perhaps Margot already has a gut feeling that he would not take it lightly if if she says ‘No’. Or would he try to convince her, teasingly first, then getting angry? It’s reflexive and self-protective, and it’s also exhausting, and if you do it long enough you stop consciously noticing all the individual moments when you’re making that choice.

The fear that a lot of women face is also fed from the horror stories of abuse against women that are circulating - with even much more prevalence now with the #Me Too movement, where women share their experiences from sexual abuse to unwanted, persistent advances that often lead to violent and threatening reactions (verbal and physical) from men.

The story shows how complex human interaction and relationships are.(Online) Dating In the story, Margot starts talking to Robert because she is bored and he seems just about cute enough to flirt with.

They start conversing via text messages and mostly joke around, trying to outwit and impress each other.

For a brief moment I was scared: Anything could happen to me and no-one would notice or even come for help.

Almost daily, you can find a new story of sexual abuse: of young, vulnerable girls being trafficked for sex, women and men being captivated as human sex slaves, a jealous husband killing his wife, underage girls being married off to older men.

So is it still far off when Margot realises she fears Robert could be a murderer or rapist?

With a sinking and quickly beating heart, I saw the exterior images of the building: It was a brothel or at least, a very dodgy bar.

Bad sex In an article after ‘Cat Person’ was published, Ella Dawson defined bad sex: ‘I mean the bad sex we have that we don’t want to have but consent to anyway.’ She talks that bad sex is often the norm for many women, who consent to having sex, not for their own but for the man’s pleasure or for fear of hurting his feelings, or because it is expected. Until then, the date went pretty badly, but she continues anyway.

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