Nifskope updating a nif version

Small adjustments can be made swiftly within Outfit Studio. Creating a "Body-Other Body" slider that has already been created, saving lots of time.Due to these reasons, we recommend that others creating their own conversion sets also use CBBE as a bridge, but there is no technical reason why any body mesh can't be used in the conversion set.If your edits were done purely using sliders and you want to release the built meshes, you must ask for permission first.You may not reupload the entire mod or all possible body variations, especially not without permission!Since each body is different, each pair of body types requires its own conversion slider.Several conversion sets have been made already, but since we have limited time, not all possible body types have been addressed.

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If you're using NMM, make sure you're using the latest files from Git Hub.You will need to copy these to your Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/character assets/ directory, and allow any overwrites.You also may need to copy these elsewhere if you use a standalone race/follower mod, so consult that mod's description/readme.If you don't want an underwear body to overwrite your nude one, don't have it selected.You can use the group filter of Body Slide by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top.

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