Nis slave not updating

This tutorial covers mostly RPM based distributions of GNU/Linux such as Red Hat, Fedora, or Cent OS.

There are also references to Debian based distrbutions such as Ubuntu.

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But after starting nfs serviceit gave some warnings - 'incompatible duplicated export entries'NFS Client1. Remember to use the rpcinfo command to ensure they are runningcorrectly.# service portmap start Starting portmapper: [ OK ]# service ypbind start Binding to the NIS domain: Listening for an NIS domain server.## chkconfig ypbind on# chkconfig portmap on These 2 services were started successfully5. It gives a 'Permission denied' message and does not loginvia ssh.

Make sure the required netfs, nfslock, and portmap daemons are running andconfigured to start after the next reboot.# chkconfig nfslock on# chkconfig netfs on# chkconfig portmap on# service portmap start Starting portmapper: [ OK ]# service netfs start Mounting other filesystems: [ OK ]# service nfslock start Starting NFS statd: [ OK ]#All services except netfs were started successfully.netfs could not be started2. Verify Name Resolution## File: /etc/hosts (A4MD09479)#1.16 FEDORA. Please let me know how i can successfully ssh to the NIS client.

These daemons will time out on starting due to the fact that the NIS domain has not been initialized yet. NFS domain initialization is covered in the next section. It also exports all the user's characteristics stored in the /etc/passwd and /etc/group files, such as the login shell, the user's group, and home directory.[[email protected]]# useradd -g users nisuser [[email protected]]# passwd nisuser Changing password for user nisuser.[y/n: y] y We need a few minutes to build the databases... If I reboot nis1, everything just hangs until nis1 comes back, I don't see them seeking new servers.Note: In the early days, NIS was called Yellow Pages.The developers had to change the name after a copyright infringement lawsuit, yet many of the key programs associated with NIS have kept their original names beginning with yp.

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