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A good marriage can never be based on how the other makes me feel.

Good marriage is based on my caring for and loving the other, even when it doesn’t always feel good to me. Above I said that good people are good people no matter where you find them, but if you begin to think you might want to spend the rest of your life raising children with someone, then religion is very important.

Hang out with good people and you will become a better person.

Second, don’t differentiate between “dating” and hanging out, at least not in the early and middle stages of a relationship that may be leading to marriage.

Now I am going to say something shocking: Orthodox Christians are not always the most Christ-like people you know.

(I probably didn’t surprise anyone.) Good people are good people no matter where you find them.

Some of our users would say it is, some are here for exchanging interracial dating experiences in our forum, to learn Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc.

Young people, my daughters included, often say that there are no good candidates among the Orthodox Christians they know. Often Orthodox Christian churches are small and choices are limited.

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So this is where we start: one priest’s dating guide for Orthodox Christians.

Sex, even “great” sex, is a normal part of life for married Christians; but, and here is the irony for our culture, great sex is the byproduct of Christ-like loving and giving in the context of a life-long relationship.

Feeling sexually attracted to someone you hardly know is certainly no way to determine if someone will make a good wife or husband.

The main stipulation is that the couple agree to raise the children Orthodox.

This allowance for mixed marriage, however, can be easily misunderstood in our modern world of choosing what’s right for me.

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