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Next came Ireland’s first farmers, these people of the Neolithic period (4000 to 2500 BC) cleared forests and planted crops.Their burial mounds remain in Clonaslee and Cuffsborough.The county is landlocked and, uniquely, does not border any other county which touches the coast, this is known as being doubly landlocked.It is therefore considered to be "the most landlocked county in Ireland".

The next stage is known as the pre-Christian Celtic Iron Age, for the first time iron appeared in Ireland, showing up in the weapons used by factions who fought bloody battles for control of the land.

The Dempseys seized Lea Castle, while Dunamase came into the ownership of the O’Mores.

Examples of tower houses built by the Irish Mac Giolla Phádraig chieftains are found at Ballaghmore and Cullahill Castle, both decorated with Sheela na gigs.

This data is transmitted every 2 seconds to a website where the data can be freely accessed, the station also reports to the Irish Weather Network which displays live weather data from similar stations all around Ireland.

In addition, a Met Éireann climatological station (Number: 472) was installed in September 2010 and the data collected is sent to headquarters in Glasnevin, Dublin on a monthly basis, the climatological station measures rainfall in a manual gauge, soil temperatures at 5 cm, 10 cm and 20 cm depths, air temperature including wet-bulb, daily maximum and daily minimum temperatures.

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