Okcupid forum dating advice

There are a slew of different apps and tools I love for meeting people when I’m traveling solo — Couchsurfing (and Couchsurfing forums), Bon Appetour, Eat With, Meetup, Goceity — but two that I often find myself using are Tinder and Ok Cupid.

These two dating apps, while I’ve used them occasionally at home, have come in incredibly handy for me when hitting the road on my own.

Ask yourself, “If this person ends up being a stalker, what information could hurt me if they had?

I wrote an article this year for Road Warrior Voices on why Tinder makes the perfect travel app for plane delays.

In it I provide a number of tongue-in-cheek but useful tips, though my favorite part of the piece is a personal “Tinderella” airport story from Alyssa Ramos, Tinder user and blogger at My Life’s A Movie: “I swiped right on *Bob, and he asked if I wanted to grab coffee.

Whether you’re just looking to meet locals as friends, date casually or have a one-night stand its best to be upfront about your desires BEFORE you meet.

If you’re like me and fall somewhere between the making friends/casual dating line, also be clear you’re not looking to add notches to your belt while you’re in town.

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