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In addition to an updated user experience in the administrative Student application, there are several Banner 9 self-service application updates for Student.While institutions are not required to upgrade to Banner 9 self-service by the end of 2018, these are valuable improvements to consider.Sustaining Support begins at the end of Maintenance Support and lasts until Ellucian announces End of Life.Risks: If an institution remains on Banner 8 administrative forms past 2018, and runs into any issues or requires application changes such as regulatory updates, Ellucian will not be able to provide assistance on these issues beyond Action Line support.31, 2018 and entering Sustaining Support starting Jan.1, 2019.• New feature updates, fixes, security alerts, data fixes, and critical patch updates • New tax, legal, and regulatory updates • New upgrade scripts • Certification with new third-party products/versions • Certification with new Oracle products Ellucian recognizes this level of support for Oracle Forms and Reports would not be acceptable to institutions therefore we are moving Banner 8 administrative applications to Sustaining Support starting Jan. Banner 8 self-service does not depend upon Oracle Forms, and will continue to be supported beyond Dec. Institutions are encouraged to upgrade their administrative applications first.CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER trg_cust_proj_view_insert INSTEAD OF INSERT ON customer_projects_view DECLARE duplicate_info EXCEPTION; PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT (duplicate_info, -00001); BEGIN INSERT INTO customer_details (customer_id,customer_name,country) VALUES (:new.customer_id, :new.customer_name,; INSERT INTO projects_details (project_id, project_name, project_start_Date, customer_id) VALUES ( :new.project_id, :new.project_name, :new.project_start_Date, :new.customer_id); EXCEPTION WHEN duplicate_info THEN RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR ( num= INSERT INTO customer_projects_view VALUES (1,'XYZ Enterprise','Japan',101,'Library management',sysdate); INSERT INTO customer_projects_view VALUES (2,'ABC Infotech','India',202,'HR management',sysdate); CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW company_vehicles_view AS SELECT company.company_id, company.company_name, CAST (MULTISET (SELECT vehicle.vehicle_id, vehicle.vehicle_model_name FROM vehicle_details vehicle WHERE vehicle.company_id = company.company_id ) AS vehicle_details_list_ ) vehiclelist FROM vehicle_mfg_company_details company; -- no error.INSERT INTO vehicle_mfg_company_details VALUES (101,'Ford'); -- error INSERT INTO TABLE ( SELECT vw.vehiclelist FROM company_vehicles_view vw WHERE company_id = 101 ) VALUES (1, 'Eco Sport'); -- output SQL Error: ORA-25015: cannot perform DML on this nested table view column 25015.

Also, while it is possible to run Banner 8 SSB and Banner 9 INB concurrently, the Banner 9 self-service applications have significant improvements in functionality, usability and navigation.By staying current on the software and upgrading before the end of 2018, we ensure the safest path forward for your institution. W-2s, Canadian T-4s, etc.) due to the small window in which they can be used effectively.Ellucian does not plan to deliver any Banner 8 regulatory updates for administrative applications in December 2018 (e.g. As a reminder, once in Sustaining Support, there will be no new software releases, patches or fixes, regulatory updates, or solution enhancements for Banner 8 administrative applications, even if related to 2018 processing and reporting.So while the administrative applications have a new look and feel, the functionality still works in the same familiar way.You will not need to learn a new application; you will just learn new navigation.

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