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Database Name: (enter your database name here) mydatabase Database User: (enter the database username here) your_user_account_name Database Password: (enter the database password here, if you created one) your_database_password Database Host: (the default is localhost) usually localhost Database Type: (the default is My SQL) This is the type of database that is running on the webserver Table Prefix: (the default is osdate) Change this if you want to, but can be left as is.Document Root: /os Date/my_dating_site/public_html/ (leave default) Admin Password: (enter the password you want to use for the admin section of your dating site) Confirm Password: (re-enter the password you want to use for the admin section) Default Language: (the default is English) (leave this as default, will install later) Country: (the default is United States) (select the country where the webserver is) If you load extra languages at this point, the installation may time out.I suggest using a simple name related to what your site is going to be called.For this tutorial, I will name the database mydatabase. Using your webbrowser, enter the location of your os Date files: If os Date is installed on a local server, in your browser's addressbar you will type in: localhost/osdate/my_dating_site .

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Menu Home Cp Activities › █ Cp Activities █ Living ...Before installation: In the "public_html" folder, set the following folder permissions: FOLDER == After installation set the file permissions as low as possible. Some servers will not allow permissions lower than 644.Using php My Admin, in the CPanel of your user account on the webserver, create a database on your server and name it your_database_name.your_user_account\osdate\my_dating_site If os Date is installed on a live server (non-local server), in your browser's addressbar you will type in: net, or org, or whatever yours is)" if your osdate is the main part of your site.If osdate will only be a secondary feature of your site, i.e., you want your main site to load, then people will click on a link to actually access the os Date part of it), then put your os Date files into another folder within your public_html documents, and access it like so:

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