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I've said it before - if PG2 didn't exist, the MPAA would have invented it.Smiley Here's just a small selection of the problems with this overhyped garbage: [ The Media Defender internal email leak offered plenty of information for the taking.Media Defender-Defenders said that they hoped that the email leak will prove to be a viable tool to protect against anti-P2P efforts. After the email leak, a text file that compiles the complete IP (Internet Protocol) list Media Defender used while dropping fake files onto various P2P sites and networks was posted.While judging the effectiveness of these lists had proven to be an impossible task before the major leak, the effectiveness can now be tested.Conveniently enough, the first range started with 116.

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Obviously, Blue Tack did block all IPs that started with 116, but how many Media Defender IPs were successfully blocked?

To this day, why Blue Tack has blocked only one of TVUnderground's servers is unknown. Others say that there is no way to get the right IPs before the IPs are changed to different addresses, thereby rendering the filters ineffective.

In the meantime, Slyck is currently in the possession of a copy of Blue Tack's IP filter lists, and further investigation into related matters appeared warranted. It's been the subject of debate for quite some time amongst many experts with no real way to test the lists, at least until the Media Defender email leak.

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Quote from: Great Wizard on August 30, 2008, PM PG2 is a placebo. The @#$%& thing blocks ONE-THIRD of the Internet address space, by its own claim.

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