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Keep in mind, you aren't required to be drop dead stunning by the national standards.

Many women locate a nice smile and a great sense of humor highly sought after qualities in a man.

The flip side of that is that I think there should be some non-negotiable deal-breakers, too.

And you can normally see these deal-breakers from a mile away, even on his dating profile. I’m a professional matchmaker and I’ve made mistakes!

If you decide to fib anyway, remember that he will catch on eventually and then you'll have to describe yourself, or you'll spend the rest of your connection with him pretending to abdomen something that makes you sick.

In pretending to be another person, you're starting out with a lie.So ensure that you verify out any internet dating sites you find interesting, very carefully or you could find yourself fielding love emails from professional bankers who use clown hats and are under the impression you are just like them.With that in brain, below are a few suggestions to help you put your best foot forward in finding love your way: For the Ladies Do look your very best in your dating profile photograph, but don't pretend to have qualities you don't have, like saying you're extremely tall when you're under five foot. As the older saying goes, accentuate the optimistic, all your positives, that is.In the event that you eventually hope to settle down with a good man and raise a family, don't be shy!Never make yourself look bad by verbally slicing an ex-boyfriend to pieces.

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