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In addition to a radio and satnav, through the Amundsen infotainment satnav it is possible to control the car’s settings using the Car button on the control panel, without the necessity of a Maxi DOT display.

Properties of the Amundsen navigation system: The new generation of the Bolero infotainment system provides expanded options for operating your radio, telephone and now also car systems, without the necessity of a Maxi DOT display.

(Note: If your device works flawlessly, there is no reason to update it.

In case of problems, please update to newer version.) The applications in your mobile device are being constantly developed, which is why regularly updating your infotainment system will help you avoid losing compatibility.

This is a two-part process, beginning with an update to the RM Services App, followed by the Truck GPS App & Map Data updates. Tap Download to initiate the Truck GPS app and map updates (you will see 5 files downloading). Once the download has started, you will be prompted to install the Truck GPS app update. When you receive the App installed screen, tap Done. When the four remaining files have finished downloading, the Map Data update will automatically start.

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You can update the Garmin Nuvi the official way by downloading and using a free program called Garmin Express, or you can install community-created maps from an unaffiliated website.

Please note: If you choose to use your cellular hot spot, data usage could be as high as 4 GB. Expand the notification bar in the top left corner of your device.

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Certain newer TND Tablet 80 units already have new GPS app and map data and will not receive this particular update.

To verify if you have one of these newer units: Check Settings → About Tablet → Model number If this shows TNDT80B, then your device is a newer device that will not receive this update. After installing the RM services app (Part 1), expand the notification bar to view the next update.

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