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If the original message is lost, the game can't work.

To copy text in the chat room: select the text and use CTRL C To paste text in the chat room: use CTRL V The Leader chooses two people in the room, at random.

Each of those two people right clicks on that leader's name, selects "Send Message," and sends a private message to him consisting of the name of one movie star.

The Leader announces the names sent to him, and the players in the room have to find a way to "connect" them together via roles they've played.

But to mix things up a bit when playing with adults, change the position of the syllables when you give clues, get more creative with the sounds of the syllables (eg.

“gorge” for “ George,” or “ouch” for the third syllable in Liberace’s name), etc.

Make the message interesting and "story-like," with adjectives, names, and movement -- so and so -- that person who is X, Y, and Z -- did this, and then this happened, etc.

The person just under him in the user list asks the leader a question about the character he's chosen, and the question must be able to be answered with a "yes" or a "no." The next person does the same until the character chosen in guessed.The person just under him in the user list asks the leader a question that can be answered with "yes" or "no." The next person does the same until the object in question is guessed.Whoever thinks he knows the answer can shout it out at any time, but if he is wrong, he is out of the game.This is the standard old game of "Telephone" in which a message is "whispered" to one person who whispers it to the next person, and so on down the line, the point being to contrast how ridiculous the message turns out once it's reached the last person in line.In the chat room version, the "whispering" is done through the chat room's "Send Message" function, which acts as a private message.

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