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This leaderboard is the one that inspired the site.A user only gets points for games that they have completed.In order to achieve this goal, we require accounts to meet at least one of the following requirements: Flagging is our way of removing a user's trophy data from the statistics on the site.The goal here is not to embarass the user, but merely to try to keep our statistics accurate and fair.

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This leaderboard gives incentive to get back to those games you left at 0% completion!

If you don't want to wait for auto-updating you can update a user by submitting their PSN id again, or clicking the "Update Profile" button on their profile page.

Our goal at PSN Trophy is to track only users that have an interest in trophies.

Games like Hannah Montana won't be contributing a lot of points here!

Additionally, a user's total points are adjusted based on the number of games they have complete out of all the games they have played. For example, if a user has completed half of their games, then their total points will be reduced by 50%.

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