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This can and often does mean that their team is forced to progress through much of the game without their help, during which time a team's semi-carry (usually the solo mid) will perform the role of carry, as the early to mid game is a semi-carries period of maximum relative power.

There are carries of all three primary attributes, although the hardest carries are almost entirely .

Their weakness tends to be an inability to do anything effectively except inflict damage - they generally have minimal utility and are quite fragile, though there are exceptions to both.

There are some cases where carries ended up in solo safe lane (Radiant Bottom, Dire Top) if the team opted to run an aggressive tri-lane at the suicide lane (Radiant Top, Dire Bottom).Many "hard" carries, that is, carries that are extremely reliant on items to function (though benefit most from them) will need to farm almost incessantly prior to around 30-40 minutes into the game.They should not ever participate in early skirmishes unless they can assist without endangering themselves (for example, can use her Haunt ability to help her team's damage without ever actually being in danger).Carries typically lack early game power, but must be powerful by the late game; thus, the they carry are an essential part of their build.Most carries rely on right-clicking, using their inherent attack power (usually augmented by abilities) to overwhelm their enemies. Although they are the powerhouses of the late game, they are relatively weak in the early game, as their abilities tend not to be very useful at low levels.

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