Pregnancy dating scan leeds

The sonographer will perform a brief anatomy scan and you will be given a progress report of our findings to take away.

Not all abnormalities can be seen on all ultrasound scans so even if an abnormality has been found earlier in the pregnancy, we cannot guarantee to see it.

they have a 35 sexing offer on right now, but i got the normal one as you get a sneaky peek of baby in 4D at 16 weeks which showed her to be a 100% girl.

Pregnancy and baby scans can be the most magical time for parents, they also provide you, and the midwife, with essential and valuable information about the health, wellbeing and development of your baby.

You get a 15 off your next scan voucher when you go for a scan so Ive booked in at 16 weeks for a gender scan I had both my sexing scan and 4D scan at meetyourbaby and would highly recommend.

As a very nervous first time mum, they really put you at ease.

notes: Weeks gestation – Ideal time in pregnancy to have the scan / test Rescan option – If your baby is not in the ideal position to complete the scan / test we will offer you a free rescan Gender identification (optional) – With all our scans over 18 weeks and should you choose we will be happy to sex your baby if in a favourable position**Anytime Early Reassurances, Anytime reassurance scans and Crystal 4D baby scanning package: full payment is taken at the time of booking the appointment.

For all other scans when booking and confirming an ultrasound appointment a deposit via debit (£30) or credit (£30.75) card will be required to reserve your appointment – the full balance is payable on the day just prior to you receiving your scan.

The health of you and your baby is our primary concern, so our sonographers will be checking that your baby is developing normally and that there are no obvious or potential problems with the pregnancy.Sexing before 16 weeks is extremely inaccurate (50/50) and as such we wouldnt advise confirmation before this time. At MYB, our female Sonographers, only carry out non intrusive Trans-Abdominal Ultrasound Scans.A raised maternal Body Mass Index can reduce image quality, however this doesnt normally prevent us from confirming sex your pregnancy.If for unforeseen reasons we cannot sex your baby, you will be asked to take a comfort break, and later re-enter the scanning suite.Of the many thousands of scans we have undertaken, there has only been one customer we have been unable to sex, so it is fair to say that this is extremely rare Whilst we enjoy an industry leading sexing accuracy record, we currently disclaim to 16 = 99.9% accuracy (for legal reasons only).

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