Ps3 and updating its flashplayer

But if you already knew the version, there would be no need for this Web page at all. The security bulletin from Adobe suggests going to the Adobe Player Download center to install the latest version. For one, installing the latest version of Flash has never uninstalled the old buggy versions.From my Defensive Computing standpoint, I want to always ensure that old buggy software is fully removed. Another reason is that the Adobe Download Center tries to pawn off additional software on Internet Explorer users.(They don't do this with Firefox.) As shown above, the default is to also install the Google Toolbar.Again speaking defensively, it's best not to install software unless you absolutely need it.If it was, you should see something like the below, prompting you to install the plug-in.Click on the green squiggly thing and the procedure is self-explanatory.

PS4 will not have Flash of any kind, not even an unsupported older version.

Internet Explorer upgrade procedure Uninstalling the Active X version of the Flash player via the Control Panel was just as error-prone as the Firefox plug-in version.

On one machine, the entry in the Add/Remove programs list was quickly removed, but the software was not.

What follows are my suggestions and experiences about updating the Flash player.

The right way I read a number of articles on this topic before writing this posting and none mentioned the fact that you have to update the Flash player for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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