Ps3 and updating its flashplayer

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It's why they stopped updating the Android version, and then pulled it from the Play Store.

The right way also means uninstalling the prior version of Flash before installing the new version, not installing any other software other than the Flash player and being 100 percent sure that all old versions of the software have been removed, even those in nonstandard locations. If you haven't updated the Flash player recently, your computer is probably at risk.(More on this below.) to display the currently installed version of the Flash player.A screenshot is above showing the output from today before I upgraded.There is an uninstall program for Windows and one for Macs, but no mention of Linux at all.The program uninstalls both the Internet Explorer and Firefox versions of the Flash player. Firefox upgrade procedure Initially, this posting detailed a host of problems trying to use the Control Panel Add or Remove Programs applet in Windows XP to remove the Firefox version of the Flash player.

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