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Visiting musicians to the series include Britney Spears, Eve, Olivia Newton-John and Ricky Martin.

Broadway stars Idina Menzel, Jonathn Groff, and Kristin Chenoweth have also had recurring roles.

Kurt tries to hide being gay by dating Mercedes (Amber Riley).

Rachel and Finn develop a mutual attraction, but Quinn makes sure he remains hers.

Glee has also run episodes dedicated to the music of a single artist, such as Britney Spears, Madonna or Michael Jackson, or a tribute notable musicals and broadway shows.

As the New Directions Glee Club brings together a group of misfits and helps them discover their individuality and star quality, the show has evolved to show some of the characters graduating high school, and bringing in new students into the club and fresh faces and dilemmas to Mc Kinley High.

At Mc Kinley High, the kids on the lowest rung of the social ladder are the members of the New Directions glee club.

As it turns out, it is Puck's baby when he cornered her about this.

Puck got Quinn drunk on wine coolers to have sex with him because she felt.

In the nursery Puck told Quinn that he loves her but was interrupted by Shelby Corcoran and gave Beth to her for adoption.

In the episode I Am Unicorn, Shelby returned and gave them an oppurtunity to see Beth. A the process is unsuccessful, they re-kindle their friendship as they slowly come back on speaking terms.

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