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True to the single’s vibrant nature, The North Face ended up selecting it for placement in their new advertising campaign.The company was so inspired by the song, in fact, that they decided to feature Rogers herself in the commercial.Becoming a member of a PRO seemed as good of a first step as any.That being said, I wasn’t actually involved actively with BMI until I was in college.For a little over three years, the series has been a fertile launching pad for collaboration, pairing up-and-coming writers, musicians and producers with each other in an initiative to get BMI’s affiliates networking, branching out and collaborating with like-minded individuals.And after members of BMI’s Creative team noticed the chemistry between Rogers and Seltzer, they knew they were onto something.What were your expectations when you were asked to participate in ? AS: I was nervous and intimidated imagining myself in a room showcasing my music individually to 10-15 other songwriters, but excited at a new opportunity to meet a new set of writers with a shared goal of keeping the New York City music scene alive.MR: I’m not actually sure what I thought would come out of it. I made a three-minute edit of a couple different songs so people could get a wider sense of where I came from (folk) and what I was working on at the moment (electronic). For some context, I was running late from my internship in midtown, and everyone was waiting to start when I got there.

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My foundation as a person has always gravitated towards being a supporting role—growing up, I was the bassist in bands, and my day-to-day role as a producer is to do my absolute best to see an artist’s vision through.

As a major coup for both young songwriters and a bona fide success story for the program, we caught up with Maggie Rogers and Andy Seltzer to find out how the remarkable fruition of their co-writing led to such stellar results. Maggie Rogers: I became a member of BMI while living in Boston, attending Berklee School of Music’s Five Week Program.

I was 17, and it was really that summer when I decided to dedicate myself to music and my life with and within it.

Andy Seltzer: I think I had randomly signed my pop-punk band up in high school when I was 16 without knowing what the company truly did.

It wasn’t until I had moved to New York City in 2015, was interning one day at Warner/Chappell, and ran into a buddy of mine from college who mentioned he had just taken a meeting with a mysterious “Brandon Haas” from BMI. ” and then secretly Googled his name, without much luck except a picture of his face.

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