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back to top A structure plan may be particularly useful when there is a need or desire to: Structure plans are often associated with “greenfield” growth areas but can also be used in areas being redeveloped (often referred to as "brownfield" developments) and complement other tools such as urban design guides, frameworks and precinct plans.Some councils also use structure plans as an input to calculate the appropriate level of financial contributions or development contributions to be charged in areas subject to development or redevelopment pressures.A structure plan is a framework to guide the development or redevelopment of an area by defining the future development and land use patterns, areas of open space, the layout and nature of infrastructure (including transportation links), and other key features and constraints that influence how the effects of development are to be managed.Structure plans comprise one or more maps, plans or diagrammatic representations of the proposed layout, features, character and links for areas being developed or redeveloped.It will therefore be necessary to ensure that the impact on existing assets and services are taken into account when developing a structure plan and that appropriate mechanisms are identified to address any funding shortfall for the provision of future infrastructure (e.g. Structure plans represent one method by which councils can carry out their functions under sections 30 and 31 of the RMA.

The maps, plans or representations are usually supported by text explaining the background to the issues that initiated the structure plan and the approaches to manage those issues.back to top The existence or content of structure plans is not prescribed in New Zealand legislation.The preparation and implementation of structure plans is influenced by the requirements of the Local Government Act 2002 (LGA).Issues that may be managed through a structure plan include: There are various terms used to describe the general structure plan process, including Master Planning, Development Framework Plan etc.While the nature of these plans may differ slightly depending on the primary focus and scale of the plan, the overall structure planning analysis process is largely the same.

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