Radiocarbon dating test

First published in 1982 and marking thirty years of continuous publication, every issue is now available here on!

As many of you know, we started publishing the newsletter in 1996 in the html format (as web pages) which were provided to us by a BSTS member.

We only require that the embedded copyright notice remain visible in any such uses (in print, presentations, papers, blogs, etc.).

We plan to produce a CD-ROM disc of all 51 high resolution (4256 x 2848) images and all written documentation and make it available early next year.

Then, thanks to Canadian Shroud researcher Yannick Clement who converted the old html pages for us, you will now find a link to a of each article in addition to the original html versions for those fund the travel and other expenses of the project and ultimately, I agreed to make the photographs as an official project of STERA, Inc., with the understanding that we would simply make the images available to researchers but would not participate directly in any research in which the images were used. Jull in his laboratory, I made a series of macro photographs of the remaining Shroud sample, along with the other reference samples that had been provided to the three dating laboratories in 1988.I am very pleased to announce that a detailed technical report and a representative sampling of the photographs are now available on this website in our official Report on the STERA, Inc.You should find this an interesting look at the important Shroud and Website events in 2012.Today's update, although considerably smaller than our last one in August, contains some extremely important news and information that we wanted to get to you before the upcoming holidays.

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