Redating the reign of hatshepsut

Her charisma and experience could carry her only so far, however.She used two devices to ensure the legitimacy of her position.She ruled for about 15 years, until her death in 1458 BC, and left behind more monuments and works of art than any Egyptian queen to come.Hatshepsut, as a female, had many obstacles to overcome.Not long after his death, however, his sarcophagus was completely destroyed.The hard stone that had been carved for his funerary coffin was found in over 1,200 pieces. Hatshepsut's mummy was likewise stolen and her tomb destroyed.he gave her his heart and showed himself in his godlike splendour.When he approached the queen she wept for joy at his strength and beauty and he gave her his love...

She even dressed in the traditional garb of headcloth, and the false beard.

Hatshepsut, in a final bid to be recognized as a legitimate queen, constructed a fabulous temple in the Valley of the , of all places, by a tall plateau at Deir-el-Bahri, across the Nile from Thebes.

Hatshepsut was a master politician, and an elegant stateswoman with enough charisma to keep control of an entire country for twenty years.

Hatshepsut was not one to sit back and wait for her nephew to age enough to take her place.

As a favorite daughter of a popular pharaoh, and as a charismatic and beautiful lady in her own right, she was able to command enough of a following to actually take control as pharaoh.

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