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As usual, there is one standard for Jewish issues and Israelis and a quite different standard for everyone else.A letter penned by Prince Charles in 1986 blamed the "influx of foreign Jews" for tension in the Middle East, and asked the U. president to stand up to the "Jewish lobby," reported the Daily Mail. This ['fascist' outlook] arose from the memory of comradeship in the trenches [of the First World War], uniting all classes in face of the machine-guns which struck down all irrespective of social class.The New York City-based organization found 1,986 anti-Semitic incidents last year, up from 1,267 in 2016.That’s the highest total since 1994, and the largest single-year increase since the group began collecting this data in 1979 ... Reflecting, now, on my wars – Afghanistan and Iraq – and on my country’s other conflicts – Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc. In each war, in every case, there’s been a tremendous chasm between the comforting fables we’re told to believe, and the reality of the American military’s role in the Greater Middle East. Never, in any tangible sense, did we act in vital American interests or make the world a safer place. In reality, we were a counterproductive force for chaos, the armed wing of an increasing rogue, though ostensibly democratic, regime in Washington. The British government’s subservience to Jewish and Israeli interests is nearly as enthusiastic as in the United States, though it is driven by the same sorts of things – Jewish money and Jewish power, particularly in the media ... Nor is it different than some laws in Israel, including the criminalization of anyone who speaks or writes in support of BDS. was a force for good, an “indispensable nation,” a bringer of liberty. mainstream media, which is generally supportive of Bibi’s complaints, is noting that the proposed Polish legislation is not too dissimilar to any number of existing anti-free speech laws criminalizing holocaust denial in Europe or criticism of Israel in the United States.Miraculously, it seems the Brits have become inured to the endless racket ...

This year is the 100th anniversary of Woodrow Wilson’s pulling America into World War I.The black and white footage, which lasts about 17 seconds, shows the Queen playing with a dog on the lawn in the gardens of Balmoral, the Sun says.The Queen Mother then raises her arm in the style of a Nazi salute and, after glancing towards her mother, the Queen mimics the gesture.I know there are so many complex issues, but how can there ever be an end to terrorism unless the causes are eliminated? This was to promote a speech by Mosley calling for peace, and warning against the growing political and media agitation for war. Buckingham Palace says it is "disappointed" footage showing the Queen performing a Nazi salute as a child has been released [July 2015].The Sun has published the film, which shows the Queen aged about seven, with her mother, sister and uncle ...

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