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However Kings are not forced to completely use all the points (with the total value of eight, Kings can send two Knights and have two left over), which will be wasted and not added to next roll.Servants that consumed two or more Pieces of its kind will have the added-up value of the Piece (a servant that has consumed two Pawn Pieces will have the value of two, or a servant that have consumed two Knight Pieces will have the value of six).The maximum number of players in a Rating Game is 16 and like the game of chess, the players lose when their King loses.All participants are placed into four categories: Power, Technique, Wizard, and Support.The field itself provides a simulation of any environment or scenery for a game to take place in.

Only Devils with peerages can become the King Piece.

Instead of long, full-team battle, it will be a blitz (short battle) with limited members.

Both Kings will roll a six-sided dice (one each) and the number added up from both Kings will determine the value of Pieces (servants) to be sent.

It is fought on a map of their choosing, and can be created to be a perfect replica of any location they desire.

Only matured Devils are allowed to participate in official Rating Games.

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