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The maximum number of players in a Rating Game is 16 and like the game of chess, the players lose when their King loses.

All participants are placed into four categories: Power, Technique, Wizard, and Support.

The Rating Game was created after the introduction of the Evil Pieces by Ajuka Beelzebub.

Instead of long, full-team battle, it will be a blitz (short battle) with limited members.

Both Kings will roll a six-sided dice (one each) and the number added up from both Kings will determine the value of Pieces (servants) to be sent.

Another variant of the normal Rating Game where the goal is to break the 'objects' (Shape of a woman with Fallen Angel & Devil wings) scattered around the battlefield.

There are a total of thirteen 'objects' and the first team to break seven of these 'objects' within the twelve hour time limit wins the match and just like in the normal Rating Game, victory can also be achieved by defeating the opposing team's "King".

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