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Despite his Jewish heritage, he is an atheist and has liberal political leanings, which causes tension between him and Harriet.

In "The West Coast Delay", it is revealed that he was forced out of the show originally for supporting talk show host Bill Maher in the light of comments that Maher made following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

She received her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University.

Harriet's character is based on West Wing alumna Kristin Chenoweth, whom Sorkin once dated.

In "The Focus Group", Jack reveals that her ex-husband is working on a tell-all book about her.Peet's real-life pregnancy was written into the show, with Jordan being pregnant by an ex-boyfriend.performer and one of the "Big Three" main stars of Studio 60.The two stars shared a peck on the lips on the red carpet before Sunday's award show, where Paulson is up for Best Actress in a TV Limited Series or Motion Picture honors.Paulson — who starred as Marcia Clark in the critically acclaimed "People v O. Simpson" — accounts for one of the five nominations the FX series received for the Globes.

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