Second life dating spots

And oh, the sled in the video can be acquired here — it was such a Matrix-esque moment of "We need guns! " The reindeer are coming out too, red noses and all. Ever wonder why other avatars are striding so pretty while you march like a soldier-duck hybrid?

" except, we needed sleds, and Naxos Loon and Lita Withnail came to join us. I'm intensely exploring Second Life and you can visit Here island (my home) and you can watch my adventures. That's because they have animation overrides, scripted objects that replace your default animations with way cooler ones when worn.

I decide to seek out Second Life’s tourist hotspots, using the game’s search engine as my guide.

I check out an amazing Gothic castle, which must have taken someone half a real life to painstakingly cobble together, but I’m the only one admiring the architecture.

It had even produced its own millionaire, Anshe Chung, who made a very real fortune from buying and selling property that existed only on Second Life servers.

Three years on, and the hype has been extinguished. The first thing I notice upon dropping out of the Second Life sky once more is how empty the place is.

* This is a Beta so to set your expectations, stuff is subject to change. I'm like your Vault Boy in times of the post-apocalypse, know what I'm sayin'?

We love it when someone decides to share their knowledge in an easy and intuitive way - and hope to share even more helpful community tutorials here in the near future.

I’m suddenly aware of French accents seeping from my laptop’s speakers.

It takes me a few minutes to realise what’s going on.

Whether you take photos or make movies in Second Life or just want a more "gamelike" experience — since a DOF shader effect is in many hot titles, including the impressively bleak that I recently soldiered through... So yeah, obligatory video so you can cut through the claptrap and get to the good stuff: Big red disclaimer that THIS IS PROTOTYPE, Resident-contributed videos, text instructions and more tips are on this help page, feel free to edit it. With US Thanksgiving a few days away, winter is upon us and I've been visiting all the Winter Activities in the Destination Guide. I've touched upon similar things in years past, but for the current Viewer 2.3 UI, you oughta see how easy it is in this video.

Many more Wind Light/sky/atmospheric settings are here for your downloading pleasure.

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