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• The best receiver here, in my opinion, is Jordan Matthews of Vanderbilt. It was semi-diving catch about 30 yards down the field along the sideline.

He has had some drops, which is a concern, but his raw ability is clear as day.

Smith made it clear to me in an interview that he does not want to play safety. To his credit, Smith did have a nice forced fumble today.

• Neither kicker at the Senior Bowl is all that appealing.

Bucannon also had 3 INTs against Chip Kelly's Oregon Ducks in 20.

• Christian Jones, ILB, Florida State (6'3, 234): Jones has been impressive this week, and could potentially be taken in the first round.

• During 1-on-1 pass rush drills (LBs and safeties vs TEs and RBs), the best pass blocker of the bunch was Georgia TE Arthur Lynch.

The best pass rusher was Christian Jones of Florida State.

Here are five dating practices all single Christians should consider when dating.Kirby Van Der Kamp would be the first Eagle to have a 4-initial nickname, although "KVDK" isn't very catchy.As noted yesterday when we reported that Eagles scouts and coaches talked to 12 different players, the Eagles will speak with every prospect during the "speed dating sessions" while they are here, but it is still interesting to see who the scouts and assistant coaches specifically spend some extra time with after practices..#Donnie Football is a free agent, although I would expect the Eagles to re-sign him after almost single-handedly winning the Eagles a Super Bowl in 2013, but you never know.If Van Der Kamp isn't drafted and the Eagles do indeed have an affinity for left-footed punters, they may opt to try to bring him in to give Jones some competition, or so that the punt returners get more reps.

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