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), Carrie has a one-night stand with Harry's best friend, in town for the York-Goldenblatt nuptials.

The sex is disastrous (and slightly painful) and, after Carrie rebuffs his offer of another round of pow-pow-pow'ing, the best man makes the worst wedding speech ever, calling Carrie "a bitch" in front of Then: Does "funky spunk" ring a bell?

Miranda's on-again, off-again punching bag disappeared after season two. Big though — perhaps Skip finally wised up, met a nice girl, and moved to the suburbs (although there was that one time he broke up with someone mid-coitus just because Miranda called, so, yeah).

Now: Actor Ben Weber has dropped the glasses — but kept the curly locks — and age has definitely agreed with him.

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She took a liking to him and catapulted him to It Boy status; alongside his .

In the world of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte, not every relationship was built to last. But every experience brought with it an important life lesson, a deeper understanding of the perils of romantic entwinement and …

ah, who are we kidding — all we really wanted was a dishy brunch session the day after and fodder for Carrie's next Then: After an embarrassing magazine cover labeling her "Single and Fabulous Question Mark," Carrie decides to take her Single and Fabulous (Exclamation Mark) self out to a hot party, where she meets another single and fabulous hottie.

After she suggests they swap urine for some warm tea, he dumps her and she discreetly outs his fetish in her column.

Now: John Slattery is still a silver fox, but these days he stars as the smarmy Roger Sterling on Then: Seriously, WTF happened to sweet ol' Skipper?

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