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Now: You'd hardly recognize a very grown-up Anson Mount as the star of Civil War-era drama Then: One of the most memorable of Carrie's quick relationships had to be the guy who couldn't, well, control his desires. Now: Justin Theroux is a successful screenwriter, actor, and fiancé to one Jennifer Aniston.(And judging by his jogging-in-sweatpants scene on Then: After being dragged to a Fleet Week party, Carrie meets a very good-looking and sweet sailor, Louis Leroy.But nothing lasts forever (certainly not Madonna's boy toys) — he last worked in show business in 2006 and is now an artist whose work has, according to Scotti's website, has been compared to Cy Twombly's.Then: At first Miranda is relieved to find a kindred spirit at a Weight Watchers meeting, but after getting into bed with him, she's mortified to discover he's a messy eater (and we don't mean Krispy Kreme donuts).Miranda's on-again, off-again punching bag disappeared after season two. Big though — perhaps Skip finally wised up, met a nice girl, and moved to the suburbs (although there was that one time he broke up with someone mid-coitus just because Miranda called, so, yeah).Now: Actor Ben Weber has dropped the glasses — but kept the curly locks — and age has definitely agreed with him.Now: Canadian actor Victor Webster has appeared on Then: Beautiful underwear model Derek is the object of Stanford's affection, but he turns out to be more into Carrie.

Now: John Slattery is still a silver fox, but these days he stars as the smarmy Roger Sterling on Then: Seriously, WTF happened to sweet ol' Skipper?He has continued to work steadily on shows like Then: Remember home phone lines?After being inundated with messages to RSVP for a party being thrown by another Sam Jones, Samantha tracks down her namesake and discovers that Sam is a hopeless college virgin. Leeds could do no wrong, from his giant "I Love You" cookie declaration to tending to Miranda when she caught chicken pox from Brady. Now: Blair Underwood continues to be a successful actor on stage and screen, including a stint as Stanley in a Broadway production of Then: There's no way to sugarcoat it: This was the package delivery guy Samantha was blowing when Carrie walked in on her, and then they had a big fight over Carrie being judgmental (which she totally was! Samantha chalked up the misadventure to her hurt feelings about Richard, but she may have been onto something — there's nothing worse than that little "missed courier" sticker, right?Now: Bradley Cooper has three consecutive Best Actor Oscar nominations under his belt, he dates models, and he's still hot. Then: When Charlotte decides to relive her 20s during a weekend in the Hamptons, Long Island ice tea hangovers are the least of her problems.Instead, she ends up with a mortifying case of crabs and it's hard to even watch that episode without feeling itchy.

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